By KK Owner Monica Coleman

Whilst technically not ice cream because it isn’t churned, this is a great way to produce a quick, tasty dessert whilst out bush. And it only needs three ingredients!

All you do is mix together a can of sweetened condensed milk with a similar quantity of thick cream and some pureed fruit.

You can use any type of pureed or mashed fruit. Here I’ve used my home grown berries that I bottle each autumn and take on the road with me. I’ve also used pureed mango which you can buy in Asian grocers, and added a bit of cardamom. Well mashed bananas with some cinnamon work well too. Avoid large pieces of fruit though as they tend to go icy.

I freeze the mix in small single serve plastic boxes that stack neatly in the freezer.

By Monica Coleman – Author of  “Destination Red Centre – an Insider’s Guide

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