Accomodating a family in luxury offroad caravans

Innovative design means you can fit the whole family in a Kimberley hybrid.

The Kimberley Karavan is Australia’s first genuine expanding hybrid. More than that, it is a physical ode to ruggedness and individualism. But is it a family camper?

The short answer is yes. Sleeping up to six, the Karavan punches far above its weight when it comes to making the most of a compact design.

Multiple configurations are available to suit just about every kind of family, from accommodating the grandkids occasionally to full time touring with four kids.

Starting out, there’s the ‘standard’ configuration for two adults. This features a queen size bed, heaps of dinette space and all of the other luxury features that the Karavan is renowned for.

Then, you can add two single beds below main bed in an optional second canvas bedroom for an additional two guests. This is probably where most smaller families sit, and you retain the full dinette seating, ample for everyone.

By adding an additional set of bunk beds over the nearside dinette area, the Karavan can sleep an impressive six guests.

For a hybrid that is barely over 5m long while travelling, fitting six guests was always going to require creativity and ingenuity, but that’s the beauty of the Karavan: it is the product of a million great ideas all wrapped up in one nearly indestructible package.

“The beauty of designing Kimberley products is that we have the chance to be completely uncompromising,” says General Manager James Cockburn. “There are zero shortcuts, zero choices made which would, in any way, make them less capable, less comfortable, less reliable.”

The standard 132L fridge/ freezer, massive outdoor kitchen and indoor cooking facilities, ensuite, water storage and absolutely state of the art electronics throughout mean the Karavan can keep up with your family no matter how big it gets or where you want to go.

For more information, read all about the Kimberley Karavan range here or visit your nearest dealer.

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