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Introducing the iSI Advanced Bicycle Carrier System for the Kimberley Karavan.

The history of the bicycle in Australia is a testament to both the Australian spirit and the sheer size of this continent. In 1893, Percy Armstrong and a mate, R Craig, cycled south along Burke and Wills’ route from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Melbourne in just under 50 days on bikes that were colloquially referred to as ‘boneshakers’, cementing the country’s obsession with ridiculously long, hair-raising journeys.

Today, Kimberley continues to embrace the passion and ingenuity of Australia’s remote travel progenitors and the freedom of moving between four and two wheels in the Outback.

Designed specifically for the Kimberley Karavan, the iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier System shares the same attention to detail and unparalleled quality that make Kimberley the most advanced offroad caravan on the planet. It is also 100% Australian-manufactured from 100% Australian materials.

Long before the automobile was created, bicycles had replaced horses for most people. Their history is tightly interwoven with genius and ingenuity. The first powered flight was achieved by two bicycle mechanics in 1903. Two years later, Einstein conjured the General Theory of Relativity while riding his bike.

The iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier System is built around a unique combination of extreme duty modular bicycle carrier components. That means your load will stay secure through the harshest terrain on the planet.

Loading and unloading is accomplished in seconds. There are no straps or cords to fail along your journey. Like every Kimberley product, the carrier has been meticulously designed and tested in the Australian Outback.

The rack itself is fully integrated into the Kimberley Karavan’s design, with a tool-free rotating base to allow full access to all of your storage without removing your bikes. Even with a full load of bikes onboard, you can still steer your Karavan a-frame from lock to lock.

And when you want to explore further afield from camp, it’s easy to slip the carrier off your van and install onto your vehicle for extended day trips.

The iSi offers generous clearance between bicycles and is fully and independently adjustable to suit your setup and to provide the narrowest silhouette possible so you don’t lose precious clearance on tight tracks.

Designed to withstand potholes, corrugations and anything else, these racks are smart. Carrying the load on the wheels, even the frame supports employ integrated shock absorption. And the rubber grips are made from a fully custom synthetic rubber designed and tested by and for iSi racks.

We see this as nothing more than an extension of our commitment to freedom and quality. You’ll see it as indispensable out there on the road.

For more information, download the Karavan Accessories Guide Here.

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