Kimberley Offroad Caravan 48V Power System

Driving the Future

48V Power Hub and trading in your gas bottle for real power on the road.

At Kimberley, we don’t wait to see what the future holds for offroad adventure, we help define it.

Our new 48V Power Hub is the future. This isn’t just another step in the march of progress – it is a major paradigm shift, allowing KK owners to go fully gas-free and beyond.

48V systems are lighter, more efficient, considerably safer and they easily provide more power for the growing list of ‘apartment-style’ appliances that are quickly becoming part of the adventure lifestyle.

Off-Road Caravan Kitchen: Weber Pulse | Kimberley Kampers Australia

Benefits of 48V systems

More Efficient

48V systems are much more efficient, experiencing less voltage drop and less heat via resistance. The efficiency of these systems is pushed into the 97% plus which can be up to 25% more efficient than 12V systems.

With the increase in wattage demanded by air conditioners, induction cookers, microwaves, coffee machines and washing machines, you can save energy, and run your rig for longer and economically with a 48V system.

The efficiency is not just in consumption, charging and energy storage is quicker, lighter and more efficient allowing the whole eco-system to harmonise.


The increased efficiency means you get to use more of the power you’re carrying, so your batteries can be smaller and still power everything. Or alternatively as we view it, the batteries can be the same size but pack much more punch.

A higher voltage means lower amperage, so your wiring, throughout the entire rig, can be smaller and lighter. Currently the new KK 48V SMART Batteries have the highest power to weight ration of any battery available on the market.

This speaks to our driving design philosophy of lighter, stronger and more efficient than ever before!


With less amperage running through your system, you have less chance of fires and other resistance issues that build up huge amounts of heat. We also start moving into circuit breakers and not fuses making the whole experience a lot safer.

The ability to run your caravan or camper gas-free is a massive leap forward in this area. Now that it’s easier to run any appliance you want on the road, you can leave the LPG at home under the BBQ.

Off-Road Caravan EcoHub | Kimberley Kampers Australia

Power Hub Features

We’ve put together the absolute best possible power solution for our customers with our new Power Hub. It offers unprecedented quality, charging speeds, use-ability, control and safety.

It is a fully integrated eco-system that allows the whole set up to talk and monitor and therefore deliver the best possible solution for Offgrid Power.

Use the smart phone app to monitor, and control, just about every aspect of the system, easily, in the palm of your hand or whilst driving from in the vehicle. We will also have the ability for you to remote monitor the system in the coming months giving you total peace of mind.

The SMART distribution panel provides a single point on your Karavan for fusing and control, with the same focus on ease of use, performance and safety the system makes for a very user friendly fault diagnosis process should the need ever arise.

Everything about the Power Hub is intended to be plug and play, with the emphasis on play.

This new system is designed to extend all the comforts of home into the very heart of the outback, providing a true space age solution to the mobile power conundrum.

Caravan Interior - EcoFlow Control Display | Kimberley Kampers Australia


  • X-Stream fast charging 3000W AC charger with variable amperage controls on AC.
  • 3600W AC Pure Sinewave inverter (6000W Surge)
  • 70Amp DC Output at 13.6V – 1000W Maximum
  • Twin solar regulators 1600W each – supports x2 arrays
  • 60amp DC/DC Charger – 1000W
  • Bluetooth and Wifi connections
  • SMART Monitor for total power control
Off-Road Caravan 48V Lithium Battery | Kimberley Kampers Australia
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