Ian and Lyndal Hall from Queensland

We are very privileged at Kimberley Kampers to have a wide variety of customers from all walks of life. We have professionals, business owners, lotto winners, farmers, tradies, celebrities, employees, employers and everything in between.

We recognise our customers are our strongest sales force and are the best advocates for our products and brand. We will be spending many $000’s each year to recognise and nurture the contribution that each customer makes in making Kimberley the brand and product that it is. Under new ownership we will be going to greater lengths than ever before to support our customers and provide a pre-sales and after sales service that is commensurate with the ownership of one off the worlds leading offroad RV manufacturer products.

We were fortunate to catch up with a relatively new pair of Kimberley customers – Ian and Lyndal Hall from Queensland. ⠀
They took us through a few keys areas of their purchase decision to buy a Kimberley Karavan. Thanks for the testimonial folks and happy kamping.

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At 15 years old and still the Original Hybrid, the Kimberley Karavan is now officially our Flagship product. Aligned with all our values, aspirations and desire to stand out, the Karavan is truly a Thoroughbred in the fast growing sector of Australian Hybrids.

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