Business Awards Success for KKHQ


We are genuinely humbled to accept the award for Excellence in International Business for the Northern Rivers, NSW Region. I would like to extend my gratitude to Business NSW and all the sponsors for recognising our efforts and to all the other businesses attending the awards, each of which is deserving of accolades for their incredible work.

To our dedicated team spread across the continents, this award is a testament to all their hard work, relentless passion, and unwavering commitment to the cause. It is them who bridge cultures, overcome challenges and tirelessly innovate, making our success on a Global stage possible.

I would like to thank our partners and clients from all around the world. Their trust in our vision has empowered us to move beyond boundaries and turn Global Dreams into Local Realities.

Finally, this award not only celebrates our past achievements but also reminds us of the responsibilities we hold. We are not just representing our Company, but also our region and country on the world stage.

Here’s to pushing the envelope, forging new partnerships and creating even more success stories as a business and region.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our business and enabled us to make a World Class product.

James Cockburn

CEO – Kimberley Kampers

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