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Upgrade Your Off-Road Adventure: Why Now Is the Best Time to Replace Your Kimberley Mud-flaps

If you’re an off-road enthusiast, you know that a quality set of mud-flaps is essential for protecting your caravan and ensuring a smooth journey. At Kimberley Kampers, we understand the importance of durable equipment when you’re navigating through Australia’s toughest terrains. That’s why we’re offering a special 20% discount on all mud-flaps until 1 June 2024—because now is the perfect time to give your off-road caravan the protection it deserves.

Why Replace Your Mud-flaps?

Mud-flaps play a crucial role in safeguarding your Kimberley caravan from dirt, rocks, and debris that can be kicked up while you’re exploring off the beaten path. Over time, these essential components can wear out or become damaged, compromising their effectiveness and exposing your caravan to potential damage. If you’ve noticed that your mud-flaps are cracked, bent, or just plain tired, it’s time for an upgrade.

Benefits of New Mud-flaps:

  • Enhanced Protection: New mud-flaps provide better coverage, reducing the risk of scratches, dents, and other damage to your caravan.
  • Improved Safety: By reducing the spray of debris, you can prevent accidents caused by flying rocks or dirt obstructing your view or damaging other vehicles.
  • Sleek Appearance: Let’s face it—new mud-flaps just look better. They can give your caravan a refreshed, polished appearance.

Sizes & Pricing
Karavan Front Mud-Flaps – 405mm x 330mm. $100
Small Rear Mud-Flaps 14 x 11 $95
Front Mud-Flaps 24 x 10 $120

Take Advantage of Our 20% Discount

To make it even easier to replace your old mud-flaps, we’re offering a 20% discount on all mud-flaps until 1 June 2024. Whether you’re planning a big off-road adventure or just want to maintain your caravan’s condition, this is the ideal opportunity to upgrade.

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Don’t Wait—Upgrade Today!

Off-roading is all about exploring the great outdoors and creating unforgettable memories. Don’t let worn-out mud-flaps put a damper on your adventures. With our special 20% discount, there’s no better time to upgrade and ensure your Kimberley caravan is ready for whatever the journey holds.


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