For the vast majority of what we might call man’s time on earth, he has been a nomad, and until the domestication of the horse roughly six thousand years ago, his wanderings were all on foot.

Walking is woven into our physiology, and there comes a peace when we hike that isn’t easily found elsewhere.

We’ve been reading a great new guide book from Monica Coleman called Grampian Walks lately, and it features every single walking track walking track in these southern mountains.

Nestled in the bosom of western Victoria just south of Horesham, the Grampians is a paradise for climbers, hikers and gourmands alike. And Monica and her husband Phil have spent years exploring, cataloguing and detailing walks from ten minutes to eight hours long.

Detailed hand-drawn maps are included, which are easy to follow and elevation graphs show how steep each hike is. There are photos for every walk, so you can pick your next favourite spot before you even get there, and the authors have also included photos and descriptions of the most common flowers and orchids you’re likely to see on each walk.

Want to grab your copy? Head here for more information:

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