Limited Offer – Action Required


We have some unexpected production slots for Karavans and we want to give existing Kimberley Kampers owners the first opportunity to help a friend (or perhaps help yourself ) get a new Karavan without the usual 8-10 month wait. And get an upgrade in the process.

When COVID finished, we were happy to have a long order list, but less keen on asking our new friends to wait. So, we’ve spent the past 18 months applying the same innovative thinking we use on our designs, to create a better, faster way to build Australia’s leading off-road luxury caravans.

Better than we thought!
The problem now is that we did better than we thought and have some 10 production spots open in July and August, and now we can offer them to you!

If you introduce a friend who then buys one of these 10 Karavans, they’ll get to jump the waitlist for a 2025 Spec but at the 2024 spec price. you’ll be getting them a saving of $4000. And they get to enjoy it in weeks, not months.

Better still, once the order is confirmed, we will give you a complete set of the NEW Kimberley Kampers Tyre and Airbag Air Pressure Management System (TPMS),

There’s a Catch
Your privilege to help your friends enjoy 2025 Kimberley Karavan at 2024 prices only extends until Friday 31 May 2024. After that, we will be offering the slots to the open market. So be a great friend and get your favorite people into the Kimberley they have always dreamed of.

Send us an email to [email protected] to register your referral and be one of the 10.

I look forward to welcoming them into the Kimberley family.

King of the Off Road | Kimberley Kampers