How will an off-road camper trailer fit my family?

The Australian Dream is a shifting mirage. Once it was a Hills Hoist in the backyard of a three-bedroom Victorian with a Torana in the driveway.

These days, let’s face it, we all still want that Torana, but our horizons have widened. The Big Lap beckons, and that requires a reliable way to live off grid with your family.

Enter the Kimberley Kamper range. Designed meticulously with the idea that you should be able to take your family anywhere without sacrificing quality, reliability and above all: liveability.

Easy to set up, easier to use, Kimberley’s Kamper range has been intelligently designed, field tested and redesigned over the years to ensure that everything is in its right place.

When it comes to family touring, there are a few non-negotiables: a great kitchen, fast setup and plenty of space for gear and sleeping. With the ability to sleep up to 8 people, you won’t find a more adaptable hard floor camper for your family, and the Kimberley Kamper is grace redefined when it comes to touring.

Camper Trailer Sleeps 8 Floorplan | Kimberley Kampers Australia

Designed for the outback gourmet, the Kamper Kitchen is space and energy efficient, with easy access to everything without setting up the camper. Because every adventuring family needs fuel for the road.

One of the biggest challenges for off grid living is water. More heads means more weight. But the Kamper gives you options: twin tanks, marine pumps and front-mounted jerries. Plus you can bypass your onboard water and pump straight from the stream so you don’t waste precious drinking water for washing up and showers.

Speaking of showers, yep, that’s included too. The zip-on ensuite, with access straight into the camper, means you can shower in the great outdoors, without being outdoors.

With 1,750L of storage onboard, the Kamper is designed to be weight-efficient in every respect, so you can carry more of your stuff for longer. Lightweight but durable Australian canvas is used throughout, lithium batteries are standard and even our waterless toilet all combine to save you hundreds of kilograms in unnecessary weight.

The Kamper’s ultra-lightweight solar panels, induction cooktops and diesel heating and hot water system are all the most energy and weight-efficient solutions available today. And carrying all of this technology around is Kimberley’s lightweight, high tech suspension system. With custom air springs, vented disc brakes and mono-tube shocks all mounted to a hot-dipped galvanised steel chassis, you can confidently take your family far beyond the horizon.

And that is what is, ultimately, behind all of these bedrock innovations: a holistic approach designed to let you carry more gear, further, more safely.

When it comes to taking your family into the outback, the question isn’t ‘how will I fit my family into a Kimberley Kamper’, but ‘how will I ever get used to living any other way again?’

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