The E-Class Off-Road Caravan is packed with great features to escape in luxury

The Kruiser E-Class luxury off-road caravan has continually evolved as technology progresses and the needs of our customers has become clearer. A great way to experience this is to watch our walk-through tour video. 

Watch along as James demonstrates: 

  • New “huge view” windows with internal blind and privacy screens.
  • Open plan living with nothing to obscure a wonderful view.
  • A large focus on making practical use of space, logically setting out the storage accessibility and use and improving the overall look and feel within the E-Class
  • As with the S & T Class Kruisers, we have now placed the charger, inverter and DC to DC booster right next to the batteries in the front Uni-Pod. This has decreased the amount of cable needed and therefore weight and reduced voltage drop significantly making a much more efficient electrical system.
  • As before, we showcase the electric Island Bed that releases a lot of internal living area when in the Up Position. As per the S-Class, the new E-Class receives an updated plumbing configuration making water access more practical and less obtrusive giving more practical and easy access to water fillers, outside shower and Visi-Flow water systems.

Click here for more about the features of the Kruiser E-class luxury off-road caravan.

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