Brad G from USA

KK: Hi Brad, great to meet you. So you are a current Kimberley owner, what do you have and for how long have you had it?
BG: I became a KK fan back in 2007 when I purchased a Kimberley Kamper. I owned the Kamper for 5 years before upgrading to my Kimberley Karavan in 2011.  I just recently sold my Karavan and placed an order for a new S3 Kruiser.

KK: What is your tow tug Brad?
BG: For years my tow tug was a Toyota 4Runner that did very well.  When it was time to replace it, all the new ones only had V6 engines.  Since I frequently tow  in mountains, up to elevations of 11,000 ft or more, I now have a lifted full size Toyota Sequoia with 5.7 V8.  Love it when towing the Karavan and it will be an excellent tow tug for the Kruiser.

KK: So…. a product all the way from Australia and not cheap. How did you find the brand and why the Karavan?
BG: Back in the early 2000s, KK had few US dealerships.  The value of the brand was not well understood yet in the US so the dealerships where getting out of the business.  I picked up my Kamper from a dealer in Arizona that was shutting down.  Owning the Kamper sold me on the build quality and off road capability.  In 2011 when I wanted to upgrade, it was a no brainer to order a Karavan from KK headquarters in Australia.

KK: How easy was it getting your unit to the USA?
BG: Kimberley Kampers did a great job managing the container shipment of my Karavan to the US.  All the import customs were handled and the VIN number matched the US DOT requirements.  I just drove over to Long Beach, Ca. and had the required new customer turn over training and towed it back home to Arizona.  The local registration went smoothly for me so the whole process was painless.

KK: What is your favourite feature on your KK and why?
BG: There can’t be just one favorite.  I guess the primary favorite is the solid foundation on a robust galvanized frame, with independent suspension and high clearance that handles the rough off road conditions flawlessly.

Secondly, once you get to camp, you have all the comforts of home, protected from the elements, with an outside kitchen that lets you enjoy the outdoors.

KK: If you could change or add a new feature what would it be?
BG:  Looking at it from my 2011 Karavan perspective, it would be more room inside for an additional bed and more solar and lithium power to extend the ability to stay off the grid longer.  KK has nailed that already with the Kruiser models so I can’t think of any additional features that would be important to me.

KK: The Karavan would be pretty unique in the US…. how do you deal with all the attention you get?
BG:   It actually has been fun for me.  Many times just gassing up, it will draw a crowd asking about it.   It really gets their attention if you’re setting up in a campground where others can see the process.  I’ve heard comments like, “Come see this, it looks like a transformer!”.  I really enjoy it when I have four wheeled into a very remote and rough country and have it all set up.  Then a four wheeler or ATV comes over the hill and sees me all comfy in camp. They always ask, “how the hell did you get back here?”. Well it’s a Kimberley, what do you expect?

KK: We are also excited to say you have just placed an order for a new US-spec Kruiser S3, what’s your big driver to upgrade?
BG:  The ease of set up, additional room and all the latest technology was the driver for me.  The full Ensuite with dedicated shower and separate toilet, with a nice countertop sink and mirror got my wife fired up. 

KK: You used the local US Dealer… did that make it easier than the first experience and how?
BG:  It was much better since I didn’t have to do all the currency conversions and it was easy to have multiple telephone calls discussing the options with Dave.  Straight forward, US-based pricing.
Plus I didn’t have to deal with all your crazy Aussie accents.  :-)

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