Monitor the temperature and pressure in your tyres & airbags in the One Handy App


Drive worry-free with confidence. Say goodbye to the hassle of damaged tyres or sudden airbag failures. Ensure peace of mind and stay ahead of potential issues with the all-new KK – King of Off-Road Airbag and Tire Pressure Monitor System.

Equipped with alarm notifications sent directly to your phone, this innovative app-based system is user-friendly and pioneering. Enjoy easy monitoring of pressure AND temperature of your airbags/tyres. Be proactive in maintenance and avoid costly inconveniences, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

  • Pre-orders are filling fast: Limited availability, act quickly to secure your kit at a discounted rate.
  • IP67 Rating: Operable submerged up to 1m for 1 hour,
  • Set up individual trailers or vehicles in the app: Easily selectable options for monitoring multiple vehicles and trailers.
  • Only uses the sensors that are in motion: Efficient use of sensors to conserve power
  • Lock Nut for security: Enhanced security features to prevent tampering.
  • Long battery life: Extended battery life for prolonged use.
  • Range 18-20m: Easily monitor any trailer from your cabin

If you are interested in this product do not delay, make sure to secure your pre-order soon due to limited availability.”

Click here to secure your system now with a special pre-release offer, featuring a generous 20% discount on orders placed before April 30, 2024.

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